Insanity Haunted House

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for parking?
No parking is free

How long does it take to go through?
The time varies greatly depending on the night in the time that you choose to attend. We try our best to find a balance between wait time and scare time, so that you will be able to experience both a short line and a long haunt.

Is Insanity handicap accessible?
Yes Insanity is completely handicapped accessible

Is there an age limit for Insanity?
No, but due to the graphic nature and intensity, it is not recommended for small children. Insanity is not recommended for ages 12 and under for the weak of heart.

Is there inside waiting?
Yes Insanity's line is all inside 

Can we take pictures inside in Insanity?
No, photography and video recordings are not permitted. There may be exceptions for pre-arranged media, but permission must be given prior to admittance into the haunt.

Will the actors touch of us, or can we touch the actors?
No, the monsters will not touch you incidental, unintentional contact may occur. There is zero tolerance policy regarding guest touching the actors, and anyone who violates his policy will be immediately escorted off the promises.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to go through the Insanity?
No, there are no refunds once you've purchased tickets. All purchases are final.

Are group discounts available?
Yes, we offer great discounted rates for groups of 10 or more. Email to make group reservations. 

I want to do a story on Insanity, who do I talk to?